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Commission Terms and Conditions

The Artist: Christina Sadler, Maker Who Doesn’t Make 


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any payment towards a commission implies that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.




It is not necessary for the Client to have signed any document for these terms and conditions to apply. If the Client commissions an artwork the Client will be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the terms applying and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.


Price Quotations


The artist will agree a “brief” with the customer, including a timeline, a scope and set a final price for artwork and shipping, before commencing the commission.


Charges for services to be provided by The Artist are defined in the price quotation that the Client will receive, via email. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. The Artist reserves the right to alter or refuse to honour a quotation after expiry of the 30 days.


Changes during the Commission


It is usually not possible to change a commission once started. However on rare occasions that this is possible then any alterations to the commission will need to be made in writing to either party. Further to this any agreements to changes will need to be signed by both parties. If the Client wishes to make any alterations once started then a fee may also be incurred. 


Governing Law


If either or the parties is not a UK resident then the UK Governing Law will apply to this agreement. 




The Artist declares that the piece of artwork created will  be an authentic, original and unique piece of art of her own creative efforts and executed by her. The artist retains all copyright. The Client retains ownership of the artwork but may not reproduce it in any form, without the artist’s consent. The Client is allowed to share on Social media. 


Unless the Client gives written permission to do so. The Artist will not reproduce the Commissioned Artwork & its usage will only be used for marketing purposes on The Artists website, social media pages and print if applicable. If the Client is unhappy about the artwork being displayed, they must declare this upon placing the commission.




The Artist requires a 30% deposit from the Client to confirm a commission slot. This deposit is non refundable. The Client will receive a secure payment request via The Artists website.  




An Invoice, sent by email, will be issued for the remaining balance by The Artist upon completion of the Artwork. Payment will be expected before the artwork is shipped. Payment is due within 7 days of invoice.


Termination before completion of commission


If the Client terminates:

If the client chooses to terminate the services of The Artist after agreeing a commission arrangement but before the commissioned project is complete, The Artist reserves the right to retain any non-refundable deposits paid.


Should the Client cancel the commission agreement after the Artwork has been completed, The Artist reserves the right to charge up to 85% of the total projected costs. The scale of the charge will be dependent on the discretion of The Artist and the stage of the project at the time of cancellation.


If The Artist is unable to fulfil the commission:

If The Artists chooses to terminate the contract as they are unable to fulfil the commission they will return the deposit. 


If The Artist terminates:

If communication breaks down on the part of the Client for a period of 30 days (that is, the Client fails to reply to a communication from The Artist ) The Artist will issue a warning email. If this warning email is not replied to (and communication does not resume) with a following period of 30 days, The Artist reserves the right to to terminate the commission. In this event, all deposits paid will be retained by The Artist and the commission will be cancelled.

If the Client wishes to continue the commission at a later date they will be required to request a new project quotation, sign a new Commission Agreement and pay a further non-refundable deposit.




Unless agreed in the commission quote installation of the artwork will be completed by The Client. 



Returns & Disputes


With Commissions all sales are final and The Artist is under no obligation to accept a return for a commissioned artwork, except in the event that the artwork reaches the customer damaged or is faulty.


Warranties or Repairs


The Artist agrees to a “defect period” of 6 months immediately after shipping, during with The Artist agrees to do any necessary repairs. After this time The Artist is not liable for any repairs. 

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