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What is a Giclée print? limited edition and open prints?

Lets settle one thing, if the word print makes you think of a flimsy thin poster print then don’t!

We are talking Giclée art prints, prints that are gallery quality, renowned for Fine Art reproductions, printed onto high quality paper that comes in a range of finishes and assured to last hundreds of years.

Therefore when you hear the word giclée art print you should relax and know your on the way to finding something of fantastic quality.

The Ink

Giclée is a special fine art printing method that creates gallery quality reproductions using special archival inks; studies have shown the colour vividness can last over 200 years and at least six times longer than lithography

The paper

Don’t be put off by the word paper, it’s actually 308gsm so think of it as a thick card that measures a few mm thick. I use Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper because it is known for creating great reproduction of detail which is fantastic for capturing brush strokes. Not only does it give perfect colour quality the paper is made to be age resistant meaning your print will look fresh for years. The paper is also 100% cotton rag. This gives it a slightly organic, soft feel to touch and makes it feel much more luxurious than a simple paper print you would pick up from any mass produced retailer.

As I'm sure you can see a giclée print is something special. Now let's get down to open prints vs limited edition prints.

Open prints / reproduction prints

Exactly as it sounds, these prints can keep being printed. There is no limit to the amount that will be printed. They should really be called unlimited prints.

Limited edition prints

These are prints that will only ever have a limited print run. They are rare and special. They are collectable and as such usually bring a higher price. The artist decides how many will be printed and once they've been printed and sold there can be no more made.

Each print is given a number, it will usually look a bit like a fraction on the bottom of the print. The bottom number will be how many are to be printed. The top is where in the line that print is. For instance 1/100 means only 100 prints will be made and you have the first print ever reproduced on that limited edition run.

Can the limited edition numbers be changed once it sells out?

No, not if the artist is trustworthy. The artist could decide to release the print in a different size, maybe a different print material, but exactly the same

How do you know it's limited

All prints should be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity. Some artist will set up a certain printer to prove they are limited and to make sure the quality is the same.

What about artist proofs?

Artist proofs are the versions created before the artist is happy with the final print. These usually get an even higher price tag as they are very rare and fewer in number. Artists usually put AP on the print.

My prints

I sell a range of open and limited edition prints. Check out my website for more information.

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