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Art workshops for 2024

In all the workshops that I run one of the main focuses I have is that I want people to leave feeling refreshed and happy. I want everyone to feel comfortable to have a go and I hate people feeling they've not got the skills to attend a class. So you will see on all of my sessions, they are strictly suitable for everyone, including those who have never picked up a paint brush!

My art sessions are not step by step painting classes, I won't tell you exactly where to place a blob of paint or exactly what quantity of colour to mix to get a certain shade. My classes are about guding you in the right direction to create something that works for you and is special to you.

The art classes are full of fun and enjoyment, there is no presure put on the final outcome. The sessions are a mix of group demonstrations and 1 - 1 individual advice.

And, all of the above applies to all of the classes I teach whether a regular weekly class or my whole day sessions.

To find out about all of the classes I will be running in 2024 keep an eye on the workshop page on this website. Classes are added throughout the year.

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