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Artists are useless until you go into lockdown

If you think artists are useless try to spend your quarantine without music, books, poems, movies and paintings

I was sent this picture and it struck a chord. A newspaper recently named Artists / Creatives as having the top non-essential job and when funding is cut in schools creative activities are the first to be squeezed. Galleries, museums, theatres and music venues have been the last settings to be opened - many still unable to open.

But when communities have had to come together to boost morale we have sang on our doorsteps, painted rainbows, sewed scrubs for nurses and used all manner of creative activities to help comfort and get us through lockdown.

We have to acknowledge that creativity plays an important role in our wellbeing and mental health. We also need to acknowledge that thinking creatively is a skillset that many organisations need, not just in these turbulent times but everyday.

When I saw the picture I sighed, not for myself or fellow creatives, but for those that don't think creativity is important.

I know the world's pretty useless without artists I just wish they did too.

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