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Spend a day relaxing and getting creative

A whole day being creative, trying something new giving you the chance to unwind, relax and have fun in a friendly environment.

I'm delighted to say I will be running some in person workshop. I've picked two subjects that I think you will really have fun trying and will get some amazing results. Loose Floral Abstract Paintings Transferred onto Fabric and Finding the Joy in Painting by Creating Abstracts.

Read below for more details

Quick Info

  • Max 10 students

  • Suitable for all abilities

  • Workshop is at Nature in Art, Gloucestershire

  • Materials provided

  • Free Parking

  • £20 deposit to book, payment required 4 weeks before

  • Payment taken by venue

Loose Floral Abstract Paintings Transferred onto Fabric - Sat 2nd April 2022, 10am - 5pm, Nature in Art, Gloucestershire. From £45

A relaxing and fun filled day creating loose abstract floral paintings with sublimation inks and then heat pressing them onto fabrics.

Working from life you will spend the morning creating interesting fluid floral paintings. The paint acts like ink and watercolour and so will blend and disperse in a very magical way. You will be taught how to create quick, loose and free abstract florals which can also be applied to other subjects.

In the afternoon you will experiment with transferring these images onto fabric, using a heat press and irons. You will be able to take your fabrics home to frame, to work on further with embellishment or simply use the day as a chance to unwind and learn something new.

This is an ideal class for the complete beginner (in both painting and sublimation inks), it’s also ideal for painters who want a chance to free up their painting and try abstraction.

What is taught in this class can easily be carried on at home without the need for high tech equipment.

Finding the Joy in Painting by Creating Abstracts - Saturday 2nd July 10am - 5pm, Nature in Art, Gloucestershire From £45

A day of learning how to enjoy the process of painting so that you can unwind, relax and have fun. Painting can be very therapeutic, but the enjoyment can quickly disappear if you find yourself frustrated with what you produce.

This class is about reintroducing you to the fun of painting, loosening your painting style and teaching you how to take the pressure off the end result. It will teach you how to be inspired to create relaxing abstract paintings but also how to feel relaxed when creating them.

Through guided exercises you will learn different painting techniques, as well as practical tips to free up your painting style. We will explore different materials, surfaces and subjects, painting to music and other ways to help you unwind and take pleasure in painting.

There will be laughing as well as moments of calm and reflecting. A fun filled day learning something new and giving you the chance to relax.

Suitable for all abilities, even those who have not picked up a paintbrush before.

About the Venue

Nature in Art. The World's first gallery dedicated to art inspired by nature.

House in a Georgian mansion and surrounded by fields the day is sure to be pleasant. Start the day with a complimentary coffee in the cafe. At lunch explore the sculpture garden, browse the art gallery or visit the shop.

What are you waiting for? Come and join me

All bookings are taken by Nature in Art. If you have any difficulties please contact them in the first instance.

If you have any questions about the content of the courses please let me know.

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